YachtPro™ Compressors are specifically designed with yacht in mind.  Designed and engineered by divers, for divers. The YachtPro™ series is the ultimate tankfill solution for all yacht owners – whether they’re master divers or just starting out. The array of unique features  in every model allows for ease of use and unfaltering reliability.


The YachtPro 100 is our fully automated model for boats with a small electrical supply. This is possible with an industry unique Variable Frequency Drive controller, which works to “soft start” the compressor’s TEFC motor. This model includes all features on the Auto Marine plus an Automatic Condensate Drain collection receptacle, Final Pressure Switch for Auto OFF & Auto ON, and a starboard mounting base with proper spacing for ventilation and easy installation. Boat and yacht installations can be designed and executed by Brownie’s Marine Group, known around the globe for masterful dive solution installations.


Brownie’s NitroxMaker™ is an easy-to-use nitrox station designed specifically for ease. This system is capable of producing and analyzing nitrox mixtures from 21%-40% with the turn of a dial. Simply choose the appropriate mixture and the NitroxMaker™ produces the gas using a high-efficiency, semi-permeable membrane system that operates at a remarkably low temperature.

L&W Compressors

In 2017, Brownie’s Marine Group became the North, South and Central American distributor of L&W Compressors to provide a high quality alternative and re-invigorate the high pressure compressor market.

L&W Compressors is a leading and renowned manufacturer in the market of high pressure applications. LW Americas is the newest source for L&W compressors in North, South and Central America.